TAE 2019

April 13, 2019 - Peabody, MA

Hello Friend!

Obviously if you’ve landed on this page, it’s because you are interested in our 2019 event. And we thank you greatly for your interest and support. We are too so very excited for our 6th annual event. So much so that at this time, we are busy planning out the details so there isn’t much info here yet.

But at least now you have the date so you can be sure to mark that down on your calendar. And if you were to come back sometime in June, there should be more info here for you.

If you’re new to Talkbooks Author Event than let us tell you just a little…

Our 2019 event will be our 6th Annual event. Every year we’ve hosted our event just outside of Boston (it’s so much cheaper for everyone) on the second Saturday of April. We’ve kept it consistent and will continue to do so until 2020 where we will move the date by a week to accommodate Easter weekend.

So going along with our usual date of the second Saturday of April, our next event will be held on; Saturday, APRIL 13, 2019. And we are 99% sure that it will be held back at our previous home of the Boston Marriott Peabody.

Whether you are a reader or an author and would like more information about our event, we encourage you to check out any one of our other tabs for previous years.

If you are an interested author, we suggest you keep reading. We will also suggest that if you wonder about our event you should simply ask someone who’s previously attended. At this point it may be safe to say that you should know at least one person who’s attended our event wether it be a fellow author or a reader. You can of course also feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

At this time, if you are interested in attending as an author, we strongly suggest that you fill in our interest form. Please know that by filling in this form it does NOT guarantee that you’ll receive a spot in the signing. But it will guarantee that you are more likely to receive a official invitation when the time does comes. And regardless of whether or not you get one, please know that we truly appreciate your interest and we can’t thank you enough for your continued support!

REQUIREMENTS to be considered as a possible attending author and to receive a official invitation: You must have at least TWO books published before October 2018.

For consideration for our event, please know that we always go through each and every interested sign up taking each one into serious consideration. We are hoping to add as many of you as we possibly can fit without over packing the room but, it is really hard to choose sometimes. For the past 5 years, every single year, we have received 200+ interested authors and that’s a lot to choose from to fill 40-60 spots. So, if you don’t hear from us right away, please don’t fret as we may have a waiting list after the initial invites of out. And we’d like to assure you that if you don’t receive an invite at all for 2019, then please know that there is always another year. We have no plans on going anywhere. 😉

So, reserve the date on your calendar and know that whether or not you get an invite, your attendance of our event means the world to us and we’d love to have you there as an author or a reader.

Again, we thank you for your interest & support and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Your Host:
Mindy, Bethany & Lynne
Co-host: All Is Read
Lexy & Annie

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Any further questions please contact Mindy Guerreiros via email at: italkbooks@yahoo.com
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