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2019 LOCATION: Boston Marriott Peabody

Peabody, MA

WHEN: Saturday April 13, 2019

12:00 – 4:00 ~ Signing*

**11:00 entry For VIP Ticket holders ONLY**

6:00 – 11:00 pm ~ Exclusive VIP After Party


Q: Where can I purchase tickets for the event?

A: TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE on/after October 1, 2018 at 8am EST.

*PS: A Limited number of exclusive VIP tickets will be available and will be sure to sell out very very fast so be sure to get them first thing on 10/1/18!


Q: How should I expect to receive my tickets?

A: When tickets go on sale they will be through Brown Paper Tickets. So, a VERY COOL AND SHINY PHYSICAL TICKETS WILL BE MAILED TO YOU AFTER YOU COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE. However, if you order a week before the event, tickets will not be mailed. In which time you will be able to print your ticket at home.

Hey while we’re on the subject of the cool tickets can we ask you a favor? When you get your ticket in the mail can we suggest that you maybe take a picture and share it with the world via social media (Places like Facebook or Twitter)? If you could tag our page on FB or #TAE2018. We would just really love to see your excitement when you get them. We mean really, it’s not a bill or a dreaded notice for jury duty but instead a ticket to only the best event around so why not share the excitement right!?! Anyway, wether or not you share it via social media we just ask that you please be sure to keep it safe until the event. No losing the shiny platinum ticket! Then of course be sure to bring it with you to the event!

IF for some reason you lose your ticket along the way, we should be able to look it up via the name that purchased it. But try your best not to lose the precious ticket! Plus, it’ll make a great memento for a scrapbook or something. 😉


QWhat does my ‘Groupie’ (general) admission ticket fee include?

A: 2018: One entry into the Talkboooks Author Event. Of course it also includes your chance to meet and discover all of our authors, some cover models, bloggers, and other fangirl readers like yourself. Plus you be able to score some great books and swag too! Not to mention giveaways too!


Q: What does a VIP ticket fee include? 

A: For VIP admission fee will include but may not be limited to: Entry into both the Signing & VIP After Party. For the signing portion of the event VIP ticket holders will be allowed to enter ANYTIME from Eleven-3:45 (event ends promptly at 4:00pm). For the After Party portion VIP ticket holders  can enter no earlier than 6pm-11:00pm. VIP TICKET will include; A VIP pass & lanyard (which will double as your pass in and out of the afterparty), food, cash only bar, DJ/Music (so that means dancing? Yes!), fun, and some prizes. VIP is suggested only for people 21 and over.


Q: I’m bringing my child to the signing, do they need a ticket?

A: Yes & No. YES: ONLY children/young adults over 12 years old requires a ticket!             NO: Children under 12 do NOT need a ticket

Although, we will ask that you please keep in mind that this event is considered an adult atmosphere suggested for ages 17/18+. When you decide to enter with a minor, please keep in mind that we have all genre’s in attendance (including erotica). Some authors may have book covers, swag, and other material that are not appropriate for children.



Q: I’ve never been to a signing before. What should I expect?

A: Please don’t be nervous!  During the event if you have any questions all you have to do is just find one of the 15 team members. All of which will be wearing a “Talkbooks Author Event” T-Shirt. But in the mean time, here are some tips and suggestions for you:  

~Please plan to arrive at the Marriott about 15 minutes before your ticket time. We will have helpers going through the line collecting your ticket stubs and giving you a wristband (just in case you need to leave and get back in). So, please remember when you get your ticket in the mail…keep it safe! Hey it will double as a great memento too!
~IF you are a VIP ticket holder you will need to stop at the registration table BEFORE entering the signing room. At registration, you will be given your exclusive VIP name badge/lanyard.
**The VIP lanyard will also double as your entry into the VIP after party.**
~You’ll be let into the room with all the authors at 11:00AM where you can walk around and get to know them, purchase paperbacks, collect swag, and maybe enter some raffles (some may be available). You will be free to roam around the room and come in and out until 4:00pm.
~In the signing room there will be tables set up. Each author (unless they are sharing) will have their own table. A floor plan layout (listing where all the authors will be) will be provided to you sometime during the week of the event. We will post it here on our website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
*A limited amount of printed floorpans may also be provided at the registration table the day of the event.
~There will be at least 1-2 water stations set up on either side of the room if you get thirsty. BUT, there is also a bar/restaurant in the hotel if you were to need a “real” drink.
EVENT SUGGESTION: During the event we highly suggest that you stop and talk to ALL of the authors. After all…they are there for YOU to meet and discover. And while your at the event please keep in mind that many of these authors will be coming from far and wide to be there so just take at least a minute to say hi and collect a bookmark or something. You just never know who you’ll find. Who knows, you may just find your next new favorite author. Just remember that just because you don’t know their name at that time doesn’t mean they won’t be someone you’ll want to meet someday. Take the opportunity to meet them while you’re there because we’re telling you…every single author that’s attending this event is there for a reason. Each author is there because they have something worth sharing!!
~SAY CHEESE!! The event photographer, Sara Eirew, will be walking around snapping pictures and capturing some amazing moments during the event. So, please be sure to keep that beautiful face smiling!
~At 4:00 we will ask everyone to make their way out of the room so the hotel can flip the room for the VIP afterparty that’ll be starting at 6PM.
AT THAT TIME…IF you purchased a VIP ticket you will have 2 hours in-between to do as you wish as the after party won’t start until 6pm. So, please plan your day for that time. As I said, the hotel has a restaurant/bar, there are also other restaurants and a shopping mall within driving distance. Please Note: Places near by may not be within a walking distance. That road may not be recommended for walking but, if you don’t have a car, a taxi is only a call away. Hey, you could always take that time to read one of your new books too!.

Q: Is this the only event we host? 

A: Yes, at this time the Talkbooks Author Event is the only event we host. However, this is an annual event that is scheduled to happen every second Saturday of April.


Q: Am I only allotted the time SLOT indicated on my ticket?

A: No, the time slot is only to ensure a good flow and minimal wait (we don’t like lines and waiting). But we do ask that you adhere to and arrive at what your ticket time indicates which will be either 12:00 Entry, 1:00 Entry, or 2:00-4:00 Entry (which means you can arrive anytime between 2 and 4). If you have a VIP or Stalker Ticket you can plan to arrive as early as 10:30am. No matter what time you arrive and are let in you will have until the end time which is 4:00pm (so that means you will not be kicked out until then).

Note: Please plan to arrive no more than 15 minutes before your admission time with your shiny ticket unless you are a VIP or Stalker.


Q: Will I have time to visit all the authors?

A: Yes, for sure! You should have plenty of time to visit each author as long as you arrive by 2:00. All we ask is that you please be aware of the time you spend at each table. Just be courteous of any lines that may be behind you. 😉 


Q: Will the authors sign other things that I bring? 

A: Yes, Authors will sign mostly anything within reason.


Q: Can I take a pictures with the authors? 

A: Yes, just please ask the author first.


Q: Will the authors have books available for purchase at their tables?

AYes, mostly all the authors will have books available for purchase at their tables. Although, because there is no guarantee on the quantity of books the authors will have, we do advise that you pre-purchase (at the store) or pre-order (from the author if offered by them) your books ahead of time if you want to positively ensure an autographed book(s). This also means that you are free to bring books you’ve purchased before the event. 

*If any of our authors decide to do pre-orders for the event, we will be sure to collect any and all links and provide them for you. You can find them either here on our website, or in our FB group.

IF TRADITIONALLY PUBLISHED AUTHORS ARE IN NEED OF A BOOKSELLER DURING THE EVENT: B&N will be the onsite bookseller for any traditionally published authors.


Q: What forms of payment will be accepted?

A: All authors, TAE, and B&N accept cash. Some authors along with TAE will have a secure credit card reader as well. But obviously, cash is usually the best and of course…always welcome. No checks will be accepted!!

Prices of books will vary by author (mostly all authors will have some type of price list at their table). Some authors may have a pre-order for books too which is always a good idea. That info can be found on our site or in our FB Group.


***Please take note of the 2 hour time gap between the signing and VIP after party. Please be sure to plan ahead for that time (from 4-6pm). The hotel does have a restaurant & bar on site. Also  there is a shopping mall and other restaurants only a short drive/taxi ride away. Or you could of course always chill with a new book you picked up during the signing! 😉 ***


Q: Who should I expect at the VIP Party?

A: Many of the people who were at the signing during the day will be there. Such as; the authors and their assistants and/or spouses, some of the authors cover models, some bloggers, and other fangirl readers. Then we cant forget the event organizers and helpers that will be there to make sure everything is super fun.


Q: What should I expect during the after party?

A: First of all we will have a DJ playing music throughout the VIP event. So that will mean yes you guessed it…dancing. So, be ready to have fun and dance the night away!


There will be two CASH ONLY bars open from 6-10:30.

Some food will be served. Menu to come soon! 

The room will be scattered with a mix of mostly high tops along with a few seated tables (please note that there will be limited seating). We are hoping that most people will mix, mingle, and dance a little.

From 6:00pm-11:00pm, the dance floor will be open. The DJ will be more than happy to take any song requests.

Our Exclusive VIP After party is going to be a great time to let loose and have fun!

We will have some other surprises for you there as well!

For any other questions, comments, concerns not found here please feel free to  email us RE: TAE

AT either:



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