Event Testimonials

So many wonderful things have been said about the Talkbooks Author Event (Previously the North Shore Author Signing) so, we just had to share some of those words with you…

This is what some ATTENDING AUTHORS had to say: 

“I loved this event! It was a wonderful, fun day from start to finish. Y’all did such a fabulous job with all aspects of planning. I felt as though every detail had been considered.” ~ Author C.C. Wood

“Very, very well organized, very well attended, and just an all-around great event. So glad I could come! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~Author Amy Harmon

“Well organized and flawless. With amazing people and great promotion it’s easily the best event I’ve been to to date!” ~ Author A.E. Woodward

“I had such an awesome time at #NSAS15! Thanks so much to Mindy, Lexy, Annie, Jocelyn. Bethany, Lynne, and Angela for putting on an amazing event. I met gobs of absolutely LOVELY people, got to hug many old friends, and enjoyed every second. Love and hugs to everyone!” ~Author Kendall Grey

“What an amazing event. Thank you to all the organizers, volunteers, attendees and authors for making this signing so freaking awesome!” ~Author Heidi McLaughlin

“Just a quick thank you to All is Read and Talkbooks for putting on one hell of a kick-ass event!! From start to finish it was awesome! You girls certainly put a lot of time and effort into this event and it showed for sure. The turnout was incredible as well. I was able to see so many familiar faces and new faces of fans that I’ve only ever met on FB. Love all of you.” ~Author Sara Shirley

“Incredibly put together, well organized and completely professional. Honored to be included and humbled by the unity. Simply put-absolutely amazing.” ~Author W. Ferraro

“I’ve attended as an author all four years. Every year is better than the last. One of my favorite book weekends! I look forward to it every year. ~Author Daisy Prescott, 2017  

“One of the best organized signings around. I’ve attended as an author here for several years and it never disappoints! That speaks volumes to the organizational skills to all those involved. I’m thrilled to be going back!” ~Author Danielle Bannister, 2017

And from some of our READERS, BLOGGERS or ASSISTANTS:

“I have to say this was one of the best signings I have been too. I really got to know a lot of people and authors.” ~Nikki @Delightfully Dirty Reads

“Love it! So organized! Thanks so much!” ~Jacque @Garden of REden

“I had the best day eva……Love you guys! I can’t stress enough what a great time I had. This by far is the best signing I have been to. It was organized, the volunteers were enthusiastic and helpful and the authors were all happy to be there. On behalf of the Sexy Book Whores I want to say a big Thank You and we’ll be back next year.”~Kate B. @Sexy Book Whores

“I had an absolute blast! Thanks!” ~Elizabeth B. @Beantown Bitches Book Page

“I have been to a few signing now and this signing was awesome! It was extremely organized. I loved how we were able to have 4 hours if we got into the 12 o’clock slot because it gave me plenty of one to see all of the authors. I would highly recommend this signing to everyone and I definitely intend to attend next year if it is held again. Thank you for an awesome signing!” ~Elizabeth R. 

“I was so heartbroken to have missed #NSAS14 and I knew I wasn’t making that mistake a second time! My calendar HAD TO BE CLEARED for #NSAS15 and I am so thrilled to have been in attendance! Mindy and her team of ever lovin’ amazing Book Babes KNOW how to run an author signing! Sign in was incredibly well organized the “goodie” bag of treats to keep the attendees’ stamina up was THE BEST EVER! The authors there were a “who’s who” of the book world and even in the final hour still so excited to meet the FANS! And the “after” party that the ladies of #NSAS15 put on is well worth attending! All FUTURE #NSAS events are on this readers “Can’t Miss” list..and they should be on yours as well.” ~Pam Brooks

“The day was fantastic!” ~Deborah F.

“I had a great day! So many wonderful authors & people! I can’t wait to come back next year!” ~Anonymous

“Roses are red. Violets are blue. You did a great job! Thank you!! ~Anonymous

“This was my third signing. It was very well organized, great set up and had wonderful authors. It was not rushed and everyone was friendly and relaxed. The tote bags were a great addition and the authors were very willing to sign those as well. I will be keeping my eye open for next years event as I hope to make this a yearly visit.” ~Krista

“I had a fantastic time. You ladies are amazing. Things were so organized and run well. All you ladies deserve a big round of applause. Great job!” ~Anonymous

“Best event ever! Had a blast. Love you guys!” ~Ivette P.

“Fabulous job by fabulous woman! Can’t wait for next year!” ~Anonymous

“AMAZING!!! It was my first time and I will definitely be back next year.” ~Jennifer K.

“This was the most well organized fun filled amazing event ive been to this year. The authors were top notch kind and friendly. The ladies that ran this event were sweet ,kind, helpful and knowledgeable. There were no lines that were outrageous I got a chance to get each of the authors to sign my stuff. The dinner meet and greet was a no stress relaxed fun atmosphere good food and the music the dj play was great flashback city here . The authors that came to the meet and greet took the time to mingle with the fans and it was awesome. I can’t wait to do it all over again in 2016.” ~Frances R.

“Effing AWESOME!!!” ~Anna P.

“My day kicked a$$. You girls ROCK! ❤ ❤ ❤ ~Joelle M.

“You rock Mindy & Co. Great job!” ~Nicole

“F#ucking Awesome! Love this event. Had so much fun. Organized and Great!” ~JC

“This was the 2nd signing I have been to. We did not have to wait in any long lines. The authors took their time, we did not feel rushed at all. Thank so much for hosting such a great event!” ~Sharon

“Had such an awesome time at #NSAS15. I am already counting down to next year!! So wonderful to meet so many authors, both new and familiar, and to put faces to the names I see on Facebook every day!” ~Kim Moniz Urban

“This was my first signing ever! Honestly, all other events will be compared to this one. The size was perfect, the selection of authors was awesome, everyone who helped at the event were so sweet and friendly. It was so well organized and flowed smoothly from my point of view. I hope I get to come back again!” ~ Olivia D.

“It’s hard for me to put into words how very special the Talkbooks Author Event is to me. I have been a steadfast supporter of the girls from the Talkbooks and All Is Read book blogs for years. Mindy, Bethany, Lynne, Annie and Lexy took all the love and energy they put into their blogs and created an annual event so organized, so happy, so well attended, that it stands out in the arena of book signings! At the TAE, I have met some of my favorite authors who are now close friends. I have discovered incredible new to me authors, who are so kind and sweet at their tables. I have met and connected with fellow book nerds who are now special friends. I have danced the night away at the after party with some of the best and most fun people on the planet. Knowing I can do even a little something to help the TAE organizers and attending authors is a pleasure and makes me feel worthy. Most of all the Talkbooks Author Event (TAE) is consistently a highlight of my year, and when I am surrounded by nothing but light at this incredible event, I feel like I am home.  #TAE!” ~Erika Gutermuth, 2017 

“As a blogger from Beantown Bitches Book Page I have to say TalkBooks is one of the most well run and organized signing I’ve ever been too! The organizers are always there when you need them, via email or in person. Every year gets better and better….can’t wait what they bring next year! Bring your A game on girls!!!” ~Lisa Scapicchio, Beantown Bitches Book Page

“Extremely well organized. Organizers and volunteers are super friendly and helpful. Perfect mix of authors (from well known, to just starting out)
Comfortable atmosphere that allows you to not feel rushed while being there. The one signing that I look forward to every year, because I know we will have fun. Looking forward to our fifth trip next year. We’ve been every year and I couldn’t imagine missing it.” ~Suzanne Wendolski, 2017

“No question about it: this is truly one of THE best run book events out there. I’ve been all 4 years and it only gets better. Great weekend with great friends that I look forward to so much. ” ~ MJ Fryer, 2017 

“I’ve only been to a couple of other signings but I’ve been to all 4 of yours and they are by far THE BEST and they get better every year!!! I actually plan a few vacation days around the event!! You girls ROCK!! ” ~Charleen Niles Raymond, 2017 

“Three years ago this event was my first signing ever!!! I was crazy nervous so my husband came with me (and has been coming ever since)!!! This event changed my life in ways I can’t even express. I have made a life-long friend (Sue Ouellet) that has come to mean more to me than I can say. I have overcome some of my anxiety…and have found so many new authors of which many have become “friends” on facebook. I haven’t really been to any other signings so I don’t have a lot to compare to…This signing event is amazing. The ladies that organize this event do such an amazing job. It is so well run. This will always be a must attend event for me. The talented authors that attend every year is like no other!!! Looking forward to what year FIVE has to offer!!!” ~Cheryl Buss Fernandes, 2017

“I have only been to the last two signings but I can tell you this. These signings have changed my life. They brought me together with a couple of great ladies that I now talk to on a daily basis. Cheryl and Annie have become my kindred book spirits…but not just books. We can talk about everything. The event itself is extremely well run and organized. These ladies put their heart and souls into creating an event that brings authors and readers together in such a different way than just talking here on FB. This is one signing that I will forever want to go to no matter who is there signing. I fell in love with 3/4 of the authors last year and I can only imagine what future years will bring.” ~Sue Ouellet, 2017

“I popped my signing cherry last year. My favorite author, Julia Kent, was going to be there & I HAD to meet her. Plus, I was able to talk my best friend into going with me & making it a girls weekend. It was the best weekend in a very long time. I got to meet so many authors and the these ladies know how to put an event together. They make you feel like part of everything, plus they are super nice when you ask them questions. Since then I’ve attended another signing & it didn’t even come close to how I felt. I’ve met so many great people and authors through this event. And even though it’s a huge trip for me from SC. I can’t help but be super excited for the next one. Mindy, Bethany & the rest of the girls…YOU GUYS ROCK! Can’t wait to come see you next year!” ~Annie Hubbard, 2017



WE ARE VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK OF TAE! So, if you have something you’d like to share with us (and the world) then please email us at italkbooks@yahoo.com RE: TAE Testimonial


Thank you for your dedication, support, love, and friendship!

We hope to be seeing YOU at one of our future events! 

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