About TAE


The Talkbooks Author Event is a Boston based ANNUAL Muti-Author book signing EVENT which is held every second Saturday of April (unless it were to fall on a holiday weekend). 2020 was due to be our 7th Annual event however, was postponed until April 2021.

Our next event is scheduled to happen on…

Saturday ~ April 17, 2021

at the Boston Marriott Burlington

**More details here!**

Tickets went on sale on October 1st.

This event is hosted by these lovely ladies…

TAE Chicks

Mindy, Lynne & Bethany are the chicks of Talkbooks


Lexy is the owner of our CO-HOSTING BLOG All is Read 


Miss Annie is a former blogger with All Is Read.

Please come over to Facebook and join/follow us!

Official Facebook Page for TAE
Facebook Event page for TAE

Facebook Group for TAE 

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